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DA ELECTROTECH (XIAMEN) CO., LTD.has been an OEM/ODM manufacturer of air purifier and air freshener in China for nearly 10 years since its foundation in 1997 by Mr. Morgan Su. In 2006, we move into our new factory in Xiamen Export Processing Zone as Xiamen Airdow Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.
As located in Xiamen Export Processing Zone, Airdow has been supported by the local government with a series of favorable policy, such as tax-free for the imported raw materials and one-stop service for export custom declaration. 

Our products are of sound fine quality and safety, which are guaranteed by international approvals, such as UL, Rohs, CE, GS, PSE, KS, etc. International quality enables our products well sold in more than 30 countries over the world. We pride ourselves to be the only air purifiers and ion generator UL approved firm in china! (approved by UL official website!)

ISO9001 system, certificated by the world famous strictest firm DNV, is strictly practiced in every process. Advanced management such as, PCM (provision chain management), CRM (customer relation management), CSM (customer satisfaction management), etc. are practiced to maintain efficiency and best service.

To keep pace with the ever-changing market demand of quality control, Airdow adopts Rohs management system and applys Rohs certification for products. 

Airdow also attaches great importance to Intellecture Property protection. At present more than 389 patents we own. We range first for categories and sales volume of air purifier in China and keep innovative R&D to up with the international frontier. More than 20 updated new models are released annually, many of which are the best sellers in the international market.

OEM/ODM experience since our foundation, we are now cooperating with many big brands in many countries, many of which are the first 500 in the world. AIRDOW operations extend throughout the world. It has clients in over thirty countries including USA, CanAirdow, Germany, UK, France, Russia, Spain, Korea, and Japan.
Xiamen Export Processing Zone, established at the approval of the State Council, is a special area under the supervision of the Customs. The Customs offers round-the-clock service with a new mode of "single declaration, single examination of documents and single inspection of cargoes". 

The enterprises in the Zone enjoy not only the convenience of customs declaration, but also the special preferential policies for export processing zones and special economic zones.

Infrastructure facilities including roads, water supple, power supply, telecommunication, waste discharge, flood drainage and cable TV, and service organizations such as the customs, cargo inspection & quarantine, banks, transportation and warehousing are available in the Zone. Formalities for import and export can be completed within the Zone. 

Xiamen Export Processing Zone is situated on the tip of the Xiamen-Zhongzhou-Quanzhou triangular area in the south of Fujian province where the economy is most flourishing, 
the industry and commerce are most development in the province. Facing Taiwan Island 
across the Taiwan Straita, it is just between Zhujiang Delta and Changjiang Delta, the 
two most enconomically developed areas on the Chinese coast.

Haicang port area is a component part of Xiamen port, which is serving as a pilot for 
the direct shipment between the mainland of China and Taiwan province. With its superior conditions, Haicang has a coast good enough for building 36 berths of over 10,000 tonnage grade with an annual handling capacity of 70-90 million tons of cargoes, making Xiamen an important entrepot in southeast China.

The Processing Zone is integrated with the downtown on the Xiamen Island by the 6km long Haicang Bridge.

Prefrred Industries:

Electronics and Information 
Precision machinery 
Fine chemicals 
Projects allowed to be located in the Zone:

Export-oriented processing (70% or more of its products are for export). 
Warehousing that serves the processing enterprises in the Zone. 
Transportation that exclusively serves the Zone with the approval of the Customs.