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Air Purifier shows air quality in LED screen

Product Details
CADR: 250m³/hr
Effective area: 25-40m³
Noise: ≤21dB
Rated power: 45W
Net weight: 5.7kg
Product size: 310*215*485mm
Negative ion: ≥10*106 ions/cc
Filters: pre-filter + HEPA and active carbon filter
•High CADR up to 166m³/hr above-approved by third party
•Digital backlit LED display, accurately indicating PM2.5, temperature, humidity and negative ion concentration; the only air purifier on the market today completely indicating air quality
•4 stage filtration: pre-filter + true HEPA filter + active carbon filter + negative ionizer effectively eliminates pollutants
•True HEPA filter: scrubs 99.97% of micro particulate (PM2.5, dust particles, pollen and more) as small as 0.3 microns from the air
•Negative ionizer: releases more than 10*106 ions/cc to improve the air quality
•Automatic and manual operation: in auto mode, the sensor can detect air quality and adjust air flow speed automatically
•3 timer setting: 2h, 4h, 8h; 4 speeds: sleep, L, M, H
•Air quality indicator (PM2.5) provides visible color change (red, yellow, green), indicating the air quality level detected by particle sensor technology
•Filters replacement indication: uses a 90 days countdown timer to let you know when the filters need to be changed
•Elegant design with slim body

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