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An Artistic Five In One Function Air Purifier

Product Details

ADA603- An Artistic Five In One Function Air Purifier




  • The obsolutely exceptional design for air purifier is regarded as an art which purifies the air quietly and efficiently.
  • With fine looking and compact but unobstructed structure, all the most advanced air purification technologies are applied.
  • The tailor-made centrifugal fan brings quiet breeze of purified air .
  • Two air outlets provide more airflow in a balanced way to the whole space.
  • ADA's traditional automatic shut-off function provides a safe operation even by children.
  • The powerful five-stage filtration technology and the additional fragrance dispenser create a purified and pleasant home environment.


Purification Illustration

Stage 1: HEPA Filter to retain dust,pollen and particles.

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter to absorb smells.

Stage 3: Plasma Filter to reduce mould spores, viruses and bacteria.

Stage 4: TiO2 Filter and UV Light to decompose and kill viruses and bacteria.

Stage 5: Negative Ions to fresh the air by bonding molecules which are positively-charged.

Stage 6: Fragrance Dispenserto spread your favorite fragrance into the air.


Color Option
White Metallic, Black Metallic

Technical Data
Max. Air Flow Rate (m3/h.CFM) CADR
( m3/h)
Effective Area (m2/sq.ft) Noise Level
Rated Voltage(V) Power Consumed(W) Unit Weight(kg/lbs) Dimension(mm/inch)
250/147 120 25/269 26 DC12 14 3.5/7.72 φ214X680.5


Functional Options
HEPA Filter Activated Carbon Filter Plasma Filter TiO2 Filter UV Lamp Negative Ions
(≥3.0X106 ions/cc)
Fragrance Dispenser 3 Timer Setting (2h,4h,8h) 3 Speed
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes



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