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Ceiling Mounted Central Air Purifier for Whole House Care

Product Details

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Ceiling Mounted Central Air Purifier for Whole House Care Description:

1, International safety guarranty with UL, CE,GS approval
2, Modern design with standard dimension(60cm*60cm), well fit into the ceiling of contemporary building construction.
3, Easy and considerate installation, to secure the safety in the normal operation. Unit has been equipped with Safety filtrating module interlock and an automatic safety switch which automatically shuts off power when panle has been opened.
4, Different purification technologies applied as Pre-filter, active carbon filter and HEPA filter:
* Pre-filter captures large size particulate and dust to protect the inner filter for a higher efficiency and longer life. And it is washable and recyclable.
* A large HEPA filter is use to captures various particule, dust, smoke, and pollen down to 0.3micron in size;
* Carbon filter absorbs smoke and odors in air;
5, Low Cost:
* Metal housing built, one time investment for permanent use without any discolor like plastic units
* Low Power Consumption: can work in 24hours per day, and 365days per year.
6, High clean air delivery rate up to 260m³/h, perfect for large room area.
7, No Ozone!!!
8, The ceiling-mounted design with one way in, and four ways out makes it an ideal air cleaner to supply fresh, clean air in houses, guest rooms, hospitals, clinics, offices, labs, conference rooms, computer rooms, cinemas, and bars or any other place where people gather.
9, Both deluxe dust and odor sensors detect air pollution in your room and adjust the fan speed automatically for the best efficiency and energy saving.
10, Convenient timer setting to automatically switch off machine: 2h, 4h, 8h;
11, User friendly design with remote control
Functional Option 
Prefilter     Yes
Active Carbon Filter   Yes
ESP Filter    Yes
3 Timer Setting (2h, 4h, 8h)   Yes
3 Speed Setting (L, M, H)   Yes
Odor-sensor    Yes
Dust-sensor    Yes
Remote Control   Yes

Technical Data    
Max. Air Flow Rate (m³/h, CFM)  250/147
CADR (m³/h)    180
Effective Area (m²/h, sq.ft)   60/646
Noise Level (dB)   25/50/65 
Rated Voltage (V)   AC100-120V/220-240V
Power Consumption(W)   98 
Unit Weight (kg / lbs)   22/48.5 
Dimension(mm / inch)     396x620x620/

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