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Four Purifying Stage Car Air Purifier

Product Details

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Four Purifying Stage Car Air Purifier Description

703 car air purifier provide you with a Four purifying stage: UV light, TiO2, fiber photocatalyst filter, fiber activated carbon, and ionizer
UV lamp combines with TiO2 to reduce and control airborne pathogens
Two Air flow speeds option: Low / High
Give out floral fragrances to make you refreshed and relaxed
Model Working environment Negative ions Rated Voltage(V) Rated Power(W) Unit Weight
ADA703 -10 ℃ ~ +100℃ 1.5×106 ions/cm3 12V 5W G.W.: 0.92 lbs (0.42kg) 170×125×45
Functional Options

Submodel NEGA-ION(>1.5×106ions/cm3) UV lamp Tio2filter Activated carbon filter Fragrance
ADA703 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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