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High CADR Car Air Purifier with Solar Energy PM2.5 Reading

Product Details

Product Description

  • LED display panel, accurately indicating negative ion concentrations. 
  • Innovated car air purifier with powerful detachable solar energy panel.

  • Modern touch control panel provide more operational convenience.

  • High efficiency HEPA and activated carbon filter is very effective in removing dusts, smoke, bacteria and odors in car.

  • The negative ion generator provides pure fresh air to make you feel like in the forest


1.  CADR30m3/hformaldehyde removal rate94.9%    
2.  Input voltageDC 5V         
3.  Rated Power:≤7W        
4.  Working conditionTemp.:-10  +80 Humidity95%RH         
5.  Dimension L:200×W:150×H:55 mm            
6.  Effective Area 1015m
7.  Noise Level:≤30dB  

8.  Negative Ion5 x 10 6/m3 .

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