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New Model Car Air Purifier With Uitra Low Noise

Product Details
New Model Car Air Purifier With Uitra Low Noise  Description    
1.Negative Ion:  ≥9×106ions/m3. Combine small dust, particulates and supply comfortable air as in the forest.
2.Intelligent Ozone technique with mobile power supply kill the bacteria in car but no harm to human. When nobody in car, after working at Ozone mode for 20 minutes, it will automatically switch off.
3.HEPA Filter: traps dusts, particulates, etc. contaminant as small as 0.3 micron.
4. HEPA replacement indicator: remind to change the HEPA filter after working for 1000 hours.
5.Big LED display.
6..High airflow up to 10m3/h.
7.Ultra low noise, less than 26db.
8.High cost performance.   

9.Color option: Black&Red , Blak&Silver

Technical Data:

 Model  Negative-ions  Ozone  Effective Area (m2/sq.ft)  Noise Level (db)  Rated Voltage (V)  Rated Power (W) Unit Weight (kg)  Dimension (mm) 



≥0.3ppm  10/107  26 DC12  4  0.5  520*365*345


 Model  HEPA Filter  Ozone  Negative Ion  LED Display  Mobile Power supply  Perfume  HEPA Replacement Indicator
 ADA780  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

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