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Solar Wholesale Products Car Air Purifier

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Solar Wholesale Products Car Air Purifier Description 

ADA 768 solar car air purifier, is designed by using high power green solar cells to store energy in the battery, and then from the battery will provide work for the machine with uninterrupted power supply; The use of full vibration sensors make the unit intelligently turn on or off ; With highly sensitive gas detection probe the purifier can detect vehicle exhaust, VOC, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, soot and other harmful gases, through the use of aviation titanium, electrostatic plasma, activated carbon filters, and efficient multi-filtration system, all the harmful contaminants in the car will be oxidized, decomposed or killed, thus reduce air pollution, improve air quality and make your car always keep fresh air of nature. The appearance of the unit is a novel. It is a highly functional smart product. The unit also features a unique granular plant fragrance device that will   reduce your fatigue, and refresh you, let you enjoy fresh air of nature in the car. Power supply comes from a high power solar panel. In case of week sun light, you can use the power from the car or external transformer.

Technical parameters
1.Operating environment: Temperature 0 ~ 100 ℃; Humidity: <80% RH.
2. Dimensions: 189 * 140 * 48mm.
3. Rated voltage: 12V (external); 3.7V (built-in).
4. Rated power: 10W.
5. Anion concentration: ≥ 300 million / cc.
6. Applicable space: 3 ~ 8 m3.
7. Air flow: 2.0 ~ 7.5m3 / h.
8. Battery: 3.7V lithium battery, 1800 mAh.

9. Battery charging times: ≥ 500 times.

If this product is not the one you are searching for, we also supply other types Solar Car Air Purifier for sale. If you have any other questions, please just send us an email, we are happy to be on service of you and give you more details.

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