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The First Air Ventilator With Purification

Product Details
The First Air Ventilator With Purification Description                                                                                                           

1. Air purification:Origined in Sweden, a creative technique of air purifying with efficiency up to 95%, which purifies incoming and ensure clean air indoors.
2. Cool & heat recovery: Europen ERV cooling & heating technology is adopted to retain the energy of output air in the exchanger and inject fresh air to keep the consistent temperature. It works like air conditioner but it is superior as an energy-saver. Moreover, the two heaters inside the unit can sense the temperature of incoming air and automatically heat it when the temperature is low.
3. Environment-friendliness: Its withdrawal ratio of cool and heat reaches not less than 82% and takes lead in the market of 70% ratio in common. It contributes to the environment protection and avails users of more economic and comfortable living environment.
4. Ultra-low noise level:Its fan motor, possessing of perfect structure and muffler technology, works hardly with noise.
5. Easy installation:Unique and creative rear installation. Flexible and suitable in both new and present rooms. Available installation at any time. Convenient and safe to use.

Technical Data

Airflow(m3/h,CFM)  80/50
Purifying Efficiency 95%
Exchange Efficiency 82%
Environment -25℃~50℃
Noise(dBA)  40
Power of fan(Watts)  15
Power of heater(Watts) 300
Rated power(V)  AC100-120V/220-240V
Weight(Kg/lbs)  13/28.66
Dimension(mm/inch)  405x140x610

Working Illustration

Output of Indoor Stale Air:
1. Only top fan works and withdraws indoor Stale air from the inlet at the bottom.
2. Energy of incoming air is retained in the exchanger by cooling & heating exchange.
3. Stale air is emitted from the outlet at the back through fan.
Input of Outdoor Fresh Air:
1.Only below fan works and withdraws outdoor fresh air from the inlet at the back.
2.Incoming air is purified through ESP cell.
3.Energy of clean air is attained through cooling & heating exchanger to keep the consistent temperature.
4.Heaters on both sides will automatically work to heat the air in low temperature.
5.Clean air is inputted from the outlet at the front.

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