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The First Purifying Erv Air Ventilator With Purification And Easy Installation

Product Details

The First Purifying Erv Air Ventilator With Purification And Easy Installation Description ADA803                                                                       

 · The first purifying ERV

· 95% Filtration Efficiency

· 80% Energy Recovery

· Easy Installation


1. Air purification:Originated in Sweden, a creative technique of air purifying and bacterium killing using electrostatic precipitator with cleaning efficiency up to 95%, which purifies incoming air and ensure indoors air clean.

*Sweden technology advanced ESP air purification, 99% purification. ( ESP- Electrostatic precipitator: the polluted air flows the electrostatic box, and then being charged by a high voltage, after that the charged pollutants are attracted and deposited on the ground plates, thus can kill essentially all bacteria, mold spores, viruses and VOC in the air with its powerful electric field, with very high 99% filtration efficiency which defeats the traditional ESP 80% efficiency.)

*No replacement cost of filter: don’t need to replace the ESP filter,superior to other filter which needs high replacement cost, you may save a lot of money.


2. Energy Recovery: European ERV(Energy Recovery Ventilators ) Energy recovery technology is adopted to retain the energy of output air in the exchanger and inject fresh air to keep the consistent room temperature. Its working principle is like to air conditioner but it is superior as an energy-saver. Moreover, the two heaters inside the unit can sense the temperature of incoming air and automatically heat it when the temperature is lower than 12℃ or 6℃, which can be set by user.


3. Environment Protection & Energy Saving: The dust and dirty particals in the air are precipated by the unit, so that protect the enviroment better. The heat exchange rate is not less than 75%,which takes the lead in the world common market of 70% rate. It contributes to the environment protection and avails users of more economic and comfortable living environment.


4. Ultra-low noise level:The fans used in the unit, possessing of perfect structure and muffler technology, work efficently with lower noise.


5. Easy installation:Unique and creative rear installation. Flexible and suitable in both new and present rooms. Available installation at any time. Convenient and safe to use.


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Technical Data

Airflow(m3/h,CFM)   60/36
Purifying Efficiency 95%
Exchange Efficiency 75%
Environment Temperature -25℃~50℃
Noise (dBA)   Less than 18
Power of fan (W)   15
Power of heater (W) 100
Power Voltage (V)   AC 100-240
Weight (Kg/lbs)   10/22.1
Dimension(mm/inch)   450x150x330

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