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The Most Popular Ionizer Air Purifier With Multi-Purification

Product Details

The Most Popular Ionizer Air Purifier With Multi-Purification Description:

ADA688 - Our most mature and popular air cleaner;

CE, GS, UL, CUL Approval;

Combination of multi-filteration process to control various airborne contaminant;

Pre-filter: absorb large-size particulate;

True HEPA filter trap dust, particulate, dust etc.contaminant down to 0.3um;

Multi-photocatalyst filter eliminate household harmful gases;

Negative ion: Negative ion combines small dust, particulate and supply comfortable air similar to forest;

Deluxe timer: 2-hour, 4-hour, 8-hour;

Low, Mid., High fan speed control;

ADA68801: Upgraded version by adding LCD screen and remote control based on ADA688.

ADA68805: Furtherly upgraded verion by adding UV/TIO2 multi-photocatalyst function based on ADA68801.


Technical Data

 Model  Max.Air Flow Rate (m3/h.CFM) CADR  Effective Area (m2/sq.ft)  Noise Level (db)  Rated Voltage (V)  Rated Power (W)  Unit Weight (kg/lbs) Dimension (mm/inch)
 688  112/65.96  50  20/215  26  100~120V/220~240V  40  2.79/6.15  250*180*300mm/9.84*7.09*11.81in

Functional Options

 Model  Pre-filter  HEPA  Carbon Filter  UV/TIO2 photo catalyst  Nega-ion(> 1.5 million ions/cm3)  Timer Setting  Speed Setting  Fragrance  Remote Control  LCD Screen
 68802  YES  YES  YES    YES  YES  YES  YES    


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