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The Most Powerful Ventilation System

Product Details
The Most Powerful Ventilation System Description 


  • The Max Airflow upto 200m3/h
  • 70% Heat Recovery
  • Wall Mounted, Easy Installation


Ventilation system ADA806 has a unique style of innovative design to achieve a perfect compact structure of easy installation and silent operation. Furthermore,ADA806 not only has a general function of air exchange and energy recovery, but also combines temperature compensation technology, which makes the product more suitable for different places.


The heat exchanger core (heat exchanger) of ventilation ADA806 is made of a nanofilm material which has the best thermal conductivity. It has the features of small size, high exchange efficiency, long usage and no condensate.


Application:ADA806 is one kind of integrated air adjusting system with automatic air intake and air output, automatic temperature compensation and energy recovery. This system can be used in living rooms, KTV, night clubs and so on for ventilation, air purification,indoor heat preservation and air heating. It expels the indoor smell, harmful chemicals, pollutants and moisture to outside through the system.


Easy installation: Unique and creative rear installation. Flexible and suitable in both new and present rooms. Available installation at any time. Convenient and safe to use.


Technical Data        
Airflow(m3/h,CFM)   200/118
Heat Recovery Efficiency 70%
Environment Temp () -25℃~50
Noise(dBA)   60
Power of fan(W)   200
Power of heater(W) 1800
Rated Voltage(V)   100-120V/220-240V
Weight(kg/lbs)   30.5/67.24


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