Toxic Cloud? Air Purifiers Help Clean Air

air purifier remove chemical explosion smoke

Air pollution now is a sever problem for Ohio residents, including children, young people, elder people & more deprived communities. In early February, a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in eastern Ohio, igniting a fire that swept the town of East Palestine in smoke. The train derailment causes the chemical explosion. The toxic cloud spread Ohio. World are eye on the chemical explosion.

The air and the water is heavily polluted. Taylor Holzer, owner of a farm just outside the evacuation zone near the fire, told WKBN that several animals that he keeps on his property became ill. Some developed a range of symptoms, including liquid diarrhea, watery eyes and puffy faces.

After the derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals in Ohio, concerns about the disaster’s effects on human health and the environment are growing.

Action would help reduce the concerns. Take air purifier products into consideration. Air purifiers are helpful, could clean the air and protect from the odor, reduce the pollutants, remove the smoke, capture the hazardous substance.

Air purifier consists of multiple layers of filtrations, like HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, pre filter, photocatalyst filter, uv lamp, ionizer, ESP filter, electrostastic filter, TiO2 filter. Different layers of filter function differently. They get their own roles. HEPA filter is widely used in air purifiers and is one of the important air filtrations. Further more, HEPA filter have different grade. Different grade means different removal effienciency rate. For residential room use, air purifier with true hepa filter, refers to H13 grade would reach to 99.97% removal efficiency. HEPA grade impacts on the clean air delivery rate(short as CADR). however, this is not the only facotor to CADR. The fan motor, the airduct, the air outlet also impact.

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Post time: Feb-17-2023