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Manufacturer True HEPA Filter Wholesale Remove Dust Particles

Short Description:

Model Number: KJ600-HEPA

Color: White

Dimensions: φ187*127mm

Net Weight: 0.38 kgs

Housing: Plastic

Type: Composite Round Filter

Applications: Used in Model KJ600/KJ700

Brand Name:airdow or OEM

Origin:Xiamen, China (mainland)

Product Detail

Product Tags

Technical Data

Product Name HEPA Filter Application Used in Model KJ600/KJ700
Model No. KJ600-HEPA Type Composite Round Filter

Weight (kgs)

0.38 kgs Product

Weight (lbs)

0.84 lbs
Product Size(mm) Dia.187*H127mm Product Size(inch) Dia.7.36 x H5.00 inches
Brand airdow/ OEM Color White
Housing Plastic Replacement 1000 Hours
Layers 4 layers Filtrations Pre-Filter; HEPA Filter;Activated Carbon; Fragrance
Efficiency Rate >99.97% Functions True HEPA Filter

Product Features

★ Round Shaped.
★ Composite. All in one.
★ Efficiency Rate >99.97%.

Product Details

The Filter is a composite round filter of pre filter, HEPA, and active carbon, which is more efficiently for cleaning air, pet allergy, odors, cooking smells absorption.

  • Pre-filter can effectively remove large particles of dust, mold and animal hair.
  • Activated carbon filter can remove formaldehyde and odor.
  • HEPA filter can capture up to 99.97% of as small as 0.3 microns particles, including mold, mildew and bacteria.

KJ600-HEPA is exclusively designed for airdow air purifier model KJ600 and KJ700 to maintain their performance. The KJ600-HEPA air purifier filter is factory price, which is cost-effective and save the cost for you and your consumers for the whole year air purifying needs. It is recommend to replace the filters for every 6-12 months based on the air purifier working environment.

The raw material is imported from Korea. The KJ600-HEPA air purifier filter is adopt true HEPA Filter of H13 grade to assure you the efficiency rate up to 99.97% and meet the standards of High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA).

KJ600-HEPA air purifier filter is single packed in polybag and sealed to protect their service time. Please remove the plastic package before the replacement the filter into the air purifier.

How to Replacement:

Step 1: After 1,000 hours of operation, the filter replacement indicator blinks. In this case, it is recommended to replace the filter.

Step 2: Turn the bottom cover of the air purifier counterclockwise to remove the bottom.

Step 3: After removing the bottom cover, take out the filter inside the air purifier and replace it by inserting a new filter.

Step 4: After replacing the filter, turn the bottom cover clockwise to fix it on the air purifier.

Step 5: After replacing the filter in the above way, you press the power button for 5 seconds while the power is on, the filter replacement indicator will be reset

Packing& Delivery

Box  Size (mm) L195*W195*H139mm
CTN Size (mm) L600*W405*H586mm
G.W./CTN (KGS) 13.5
Qty./CTN (SETS) 24
Qty./20'FT (SETS) 4608
Qty./40'FT (SETS) 9408
Qty./40'HQ (SETS) 9408
MOQ (SETS) 500
Lead Time 20~40 days

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