Good air is important to your baby’s health

Why is fresh air important to baby’s health? As a parent, you must know.


We often say that warm sunshine and fresh air can make your child grow up healthily. Therefore, we often suggest that parents take their children to relax outdoors and get in touch with nature more. But in recent years, the environment become worse and worse, and air pollution has become a major problem.


You never know how harmful the polluted air is to babies.

Because babies have faster breathing rate and metabolism than adults, but their own immune system is not perfect, so when they breathe in dirty air, babies are more vulnerable to health threats. For example, formaldehyde can induce irreversible dysfunction such as brain nerve damage, decreased immunity, developmental delay, mental decline, childhood blood diseases and asthma.


There is PM2.5 indoors and polluted air outdoors. what should we do?

1. Go to parks with plenty of greenery for outdoor activities

When the weather and air quality are good, you must take your baby for outdoor activities  which is good for babies health.


2. Don’t let the virus spread to your baby

When returning, take off the clothes that go out. Young mothers should try to reduce the use of cosmetics and hair dyes when contacting their children, so as to reduce the chance of contamination of infants and young children.

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3. Clean up children’s toys and decorations regularly

Such as carpets, bed blankets and various decorations, dust mite pollution in plush toys, lead pollution in paint on wooden toys, volatile substances in plastic toys, etc.


4. Ensure that the indoor air is clean

Taking your baby out for a long time is not a long-term solution. You must give your baby a healthy growth environment. You can first choose a professional and authoritative indoor air treatment organization to conduct a full range of air pollution monitoring, you can have a clearer understanding of indoor pollution sources and pollution levels, and then conduct a comprehensive purification treatment according to the pollution situation. An air purifier is also a good choice, it can bring us good air and protect our breathing health.

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Post time: Jan-10-2022